1. How do I book my wedding date?

A: For Weddings & Receptions, a $2,000 non-refundable Reservation Deposit is due at contract signing in order to reserve the Inn. The Reservation Deposit will be applied to the cost of your event.  This can be paid by cash, check or credit card.

2. Can I add more time to my package? 

A: Yes.

3. When do I need to pay?

A:  After your deposit and for your convenience, you may charge the second payment (due four months before your event) and the third (final) payment (due two weeks before your event).  A Security Deposit is collected two weeks before your wedding and held.  The Security Deposit must be paid in either cash or by check.

4. What other money details do I need to know? 

A: Taxes and Gratuity. Georgia sales tax (currently 6%) will be added to your Wedding Package. There is no charge for gratuity.

5. How much alcohol should I buy?carriage house5

A. The Whitlock Inn allows you to bring in your own alcohol which saves you money. To help you plan for your event, our caterer has prepared a chart of suggested quantities of alcohol to purchase for events at The Whitlock Inn.

6. What flowers will be blooming in the yard?

A: We have a full time gardener who keeps plants blooming in our gardens throughout the year. We will have impatiens, roses, jonquils, crepe myrtles, wisteria, daphne, hydrangeas, azaleas and begonias blooming in the spring and summer. We’ll have mums blooming and pumpkins in season in the fall. Pansies and camellias bloom throughout winter months. In addition, we display holiday decorations in December.

7. Can I change my date?

A: With enough advance notice, we can transfer your deposit to another available date.

8. Is the Inn insured?

A: Yes, The Whitlock Inn has commercial property coverage and commercial general liability coverage effective with Utica National Insurance Group.

9. What happens to the leftover food and flowers from my event?

A: Leftover food is packed and sent home with the host family. A special to-go tote bag is always made for the happy couple. You may take home flowers from your reception.

10. Can I throw my bouquet?

A: Yes, and we have many picture perfect spots.


11. Can my dog be in the wedding?

dog in weddingA: Yes, we have had several dogs in weddings.  There is a fenced-in yard behind the Carriage House for dogs to play in during the reception.  The Health Department has informed us that dogs can’t come inside during receptions.

12. Can the flower girl drop petals down the aisle?

A: Yes

13. Do you have directions I can send my guests?

A: You can direct your guests to our Map & Directions page. Feel free to print out and copy this page to send to your guests.

14. Where do my guests park?

A: Guests coming to the Whitlock Inn may park next door in our lot at the Anderson Mansion.  Guests may also park in the Suntrust Bank lot adjacent to The Whitlock Inn, except Weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm, banking hours. With permission, Wedding & Reception guests may also use the First United Methodist Church lot across Whitlock Avenue from The Whitlock Inn. There is parking around the Marietta Square. An off-duty police officer will be available an hour before and an hour into each event to assist guests with parking.

15. What vendors do you recommend?

A: We maintain a list of vendor names and phone numbers at The Whitlock Inn. We’re happy to send it to you upon request. It is frequently updated. You are free to bring in other vendors.

16. At the end of the night can my guests blow bubbles?

A: Bubbles, bells, or noise makers are all fun ways to end the party. We don’t allow rose petals, rice, birdseed or sparklers.

17. When was the Inn built?

A: The Inn was built in 1900. For more information, see our page on the History of The Whitlock Inn.

18. Can I bring in my own wedding cake or grooms cake?

A: If you would like to bring in your own wedding cake, we can subtract it from the cost of your Wedding and Reception Package which includes a three-tiered wedding cake as a standard item. We will still provide you with a table, plates, forks and service. You can order a groom’s cake from our Caterer or bring one in as well.

19. Can I bring in my own florist?

A: Yes, you can bring in flowers and we can subtract the flowers from the cost of your Wedding and Reception Package.

20. Will you make a signature drink for us?

signature drinkA: Signature drinks can be fun; just give us your recipe ahead of time and we can serve it.

21. Do you have a place to get dressed?

A: We have two changing rooms to get ready and they will be open the entire party time for your use.

22 . Can we go past 11 pm?

A: Yes.

23. Can we take photos ahead of time?

A: You have access to the Inn two hours before your event time to start taking photographs. Time to take portraits is also available weeks before your wedding.